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Bundles deals consist of 3 bundles of our flawless virgin hair each bundle is cuticle in tact, flawles in look & quality. 


Brazilian virgin hair is the most popular hair in the market. Each and every bundles has been cuticle intact.Brazilian virgin hair is great for mutiple different hairstyles . ,holds an beautiful curl and is captable with different race of hair. Our extenions are 100% virgin hair witch mean they have NOT been chemically altered or procesed. Each bundle is full and comes in it's natural virgin hair color, with proper care & maintence this hair can last up to 1-2 years.*Take advantage of our bundle deals & save


*Textures: Brazilian Straight, Brazilian Bodywave, Brazilian Deepwave, Brazilian Loose wave, Brazilian Waterwave, Italian Curly.


*Number of bundles needed for a full head :"14-"20- 3 Bundles 20"-26"- 4 Bundles "28 and up - 5 BundlesProcesing time is 2- 3 days shiping time is 2-3 days


* Once extensions have been shipped our customers service will send you an email with your shippng number.



3 Bundle Deal

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